Whenever you try to have a baby but are unable to have it. It may be due to some issues and those could be in both men or women. So, if you are having the problems then should go see a fertility specialist. A fertility specialist can see both men or women or there are different specialists available for both men and women. For men, there could be problems in the semen. Majority of the issues arise from the semen. So, for the evaluation in male, semen is collected to evaluate the possible problems that are preventing your wife from getting pregnant. When the sperm is collected, it is evaluated in different ways like what is the sperm count or how many cells are there currently, is the number of cells normal to get someone pregnant, the shape of the sperm and the size too. The normal shape of the sperm is an oval head will a long tail. The movement of the sperm also counts, it helps getting to the egg rapidly. If the movement is not to a particular speed then this could be a particular problem. There are other factors too that can cause the problems. With proper measurements and medications, these problems can be overcome. For more information, please log on to https://www.drjoseph.com.au/pregnancy-care/

In a female, there could be a number of problems, but this in the case of female may be a long procedure because as compared to men, females have long list of problems. Men only have sperm problems or a very limited other problems but in females, it could be so many issues. One of the main issues is that ovaries are unable to produce mature eggs. Age could have a big effect on fertility. After the age of 45, the chances of getting pregnant are minimum but there are exceptions for everyone as every human is different from other. As discussed earlier, in order to get pregnant, your ovaries must produce eggs. If your ovaries are producing eggs, then all you need is sperm from a male. The other issue that can occur is imbalance of hormones. There are a number of reasons which can cause this factor like if you are gaining weight or you are feeling fatigued. Might have been dealing with stress at home or at work. You may experience pain during sex or night sweats. All of these things are diagnosed by the fertility specialist in Melbourne. He will tell you what you should do and how you should do. Here at our clinic we will guide you all the way to your pregnancy and will try to overcome all the possible problems.      obstetricians-services